Design for Digital Media Environments – Blogging System

In our last lecture Garrett went over some useful points to creating and maintaining a professional standard web blog. This proved to be very useful as a better looking web blog can only enhance our overall grade. Garrett went over the subjects text, images, video, categories and tags and it turned out it was the little changes you make to these aspects that help produce a higher quality.


Firstly was text, one of the most important parts to a web blog as it will always be used. Garrett first pointed out that we shouldn’t use massive chunks of text but instead shorter to the point sentences on a more frequent bases. In no way should we be writing an essay, topics should be split between two or three posts. Bullet points were also suggested as a good way of breaking up text. A technique I’ve never done before so am trying for the first in this post. I will defiantly take this on board with my system and also carry on a trend of using the justify text alight.


In terms of imagery there are a few aspects that I need to improve on and some that I can carry on using. The first being the use of varied imagery from sketches, photographs and diagrams. I feel I have done a good job in a variety of images from mind maps to screen shots. One aspects I feel really works in my system is how I fill the space of blog and also keeping it aligned with my text. This adds continuity, professionalism and a organised look to all my posts. Two techniques I will need to add to my system is scanning any sketches I produce and also annotating all my images. Both these will result in making the blog easier to read and understand.


One thing I really took away from Garrett’s seminar was the way in which I can post videos as research. I have been fairly narrow-minded up to this point by only really using images. Videos will add another medium of media into my blog and add further interest.


Up to this point I feel I have been fairly organised with my categories or maybe to organised. Garrett stated that our blogging system shouldn’t have to many categories and yet I have twelve. Categories such as ‘Time Lapse’, ‘Animation’ and ‘Typography’ could perhaps be all combined into one category, such as ‘DMD Tasks’.


In the case of tags I will carry on with my current system of tagging the key words from blog posts. So far I have amounted a varied tag collage with my current system.