Mind Map

Design for Digital Media Environments – Researching the Idea

Now we have decided on the basic idea of our website its time to start looking a bit deeper. While brainstorming with Adam and Robin I produced a mind map of some of our ideas. It really helped us think outside the box and come up with ideas we otherwise may not have.

 – Concept

In terms of the concept for the website its very important as this what the student will interact with and see. One idea that could work well is that of a live feed. Having a live feed of students posting means students will get latest deals. A live feed is also very similar to Facebook and Twitter meaning that it feel comfortable and familiar to students.

 – Accessibility

When it comes to accessibility this is a good opportunity to draw on our knowledge of the Bournemouth area. Once again similar to how Facebook started we can make the website just for Bournemouth students. We can make it seem personal to them by having them login with their student ID’s. We will also be able to find the small and large business that have student deals, something a larger scale website wouldn’t be able to offer.

 – Branding

Branding is obviously hugely important as this is how student will recognise us. One approach that we all liked was to merge the brand of SUBU and the Bournemouth website. The blues and pinks used by both will websites will be recognisable to all students as they have all visited SUBU and BU’s website.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 14.40.13 – Competitors

I went online to see if this kind of idea had already been done. In general many websites focus on one aspect, such as travel, homes or just where students can find 10% off. One website that was similar was ‘Save the Student’, on their website they show the lasted deals of certain products. They also have many categories and also a ‘Just Added’ page. The overall idea may be similar but a few ways we will take it further, such as students being able to posts and deals specific to Bournemouth.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 17.23.27



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Design for Digital Media Environments – Ideas/ Research

As I’ve learnt from previous projects the more ideas and research I can conduct then the better chances I will have of producing a higher quality product. From this I have started to brainstorm and look into ideas that may work and also aspects of website designs that work well.

Before being put into groups I wanted to come up with some solid ideas for the website that I could possible pitch to my group. As I discussed last week I was thinking of a website that tells students where the cheapest aspects of life are, from food to clothes. The biggest advantage of this idea is that it meets one the briefs requirements of meeting a target audiences need. As we know students aren’t loaded with money and are always looking for a bargain so this ideas meets their need directly. Mind maps really help me in this situation as you find yourselves taking an idea even further. For example students can post on the website of where their favourite lost cost items are.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 16.04.08Another idea I came up with came from using Openstreet Map. While using Openstreet Map I thought it was great how interactive it was, it felt like your making more of a differences than just posting a comment of social media. With this in mind I thought about a globe that you could post and plot where you’ve been in the world. You would not only see your travels but the whole worlds and be able to see images and videos that they have posted. A great aspect of this is that it merges the interactive side from Openstreet Map to familiar use of posting images and videos. In a certain way it could be used as a review website of holiday destination. A problem that could hinder this idea is that it doesn’t meet any target audiences needs, mainly because websites are already in place, such as Tripadvisor.

apple website 1The design phase of our own websites will upon us sooner than we realise so looking at websites is going to be great way to get inspiration. Two website that standout to me are Apple and Ebay. Both these websites carry a trait of having a simple and organised design. The boxes they use are all positioned in the middle of the page, meaning that for any user it’s very easy to read from to top to bottom, rarely having to look left or right. A design trait that I wish carry on to my website.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 16.13.40



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Introduction to Development and Realisation

With Concept and Ideation behind us it time to move onto our next unit, Development and Realisation. The unit as a whole consists of three aspects, an A2 poster, research on our blogs and lastly a class critique. The poster itself must communicate a set of ideas and data whilst focusing around a subject. With many interesting subjects to pick from, I finally decided to focus my poster around the subject “what is the fattest country”? From the very outset I feel there are many aspects that I can possibly cover, from the analytical and statistical side of things to the wide age range that this topic covers such as child obesity. As you can see in the image below I have already started to brain storm some of these ideas.

IMG_0418Within the first seminar of this unit we were looking for things that would give us inspiration towards our own poster. The website http://www.informationisbeautifulawards.com/showcase did exactly this. This website gave us great examples of award-winning infographics. For me personally its showed just how creative and informative you can be with such little text. The infographic below is possibly one of the best examples of this. It is also an example of a possible approach I may take to representing each country in my poster.

Corrupt IG 1I did some further research to find to some infographics that focused more around the subject of obesity. When first thinking about my design for the poster I had a real image in my head of the type of fonts and graphics that it would involve. I feel that the first image below best portrays this. The style of computer game graphics is one that I will defiantly to achieve. The style used in the final image is one that I also find interesting, the use of the map is something that I might try to integrate in my final design.
fast food IG 1

Obesity Infographic 1References


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