Design for Digital Media Environments – GitHub Progress

The other day Adam uploaded all of our up to date code to Github. This now means that me, Adam and Robin can all access the code. Furthermore when the code is edited it will instantly be updated to the GitHub.




Design for Digital Media Environments – The Team

On Friday we were put into groups, I will be working with Adam and Robin. Just from early conversations its obvious that we all want to create something that’s new, simple and most importantly something that works well. Working in a team is something that I have always enjoyed, I will do my best to make sure we work well. It may seem a little cliché but we are only as strong as our weakest member so its important that we all pull our weight to produce a professional website.

Communication is one of the most important parts to successful team so we have decided to use a few tools to make this easier. It maybe simple, but first we created a group chat on Facebook and our phones, this way we can communicate whenever we need to. The next tool was more professional in the way of Github, through the use of Github we will be able to store, backup and access any coding, graphics or information we wish to store there. This will be particularly useful when perhaps we aren’t all in University or when we split up for the Easter break. For instance one of us may produce the logo but another may have to insert it into the webpage. Even if we aren’t all together we wont be hindered by any logistical problems and will be able to continue with any work we are doing.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.16.28I also decided to set up an Asana account where I could create a group for the three of us. Asana has the ability to set to-do lists, tasks and post important dates on a calendar which can be seen by me, Adam and Robin. I have already set the submission date for the unit and our first group task of creating the ‘Meet the Team’ page. Asana is further useful as we can all download an app on our phones, meaning that we can always be updated on tasks and further have less chance of missing a post from one of us as we look at our phones more frequently.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 13.10.19The first task that has been set for us is to create a “meet the team page”. Adam has been helpful and has already started a page so it’s just a case of me and robin adding to it.

In terms of the idea for the website we have decided to go with my idea of cheap living for students. Mainly because it meets a clear target audiences need and furthermore hasn’t been done in a way that is specifically targeted at students. Next comes the process of creating a strong brand, from the logo, name, style, colour scheme and graphics. On Asana I have given us till next week to decide on a few of these. My mind-set is that the earlier we decide on things such as this then the easier the making of website will be.