Design for Digital Media Environments – Researching the Idea

Now we have decided on the basic idea of our website its time to start looking a bit deeper. While brainstorming with Adam and Robin I produced a mind map of some of our ideas. It really helped us think outside the box and come up with ideas we otherwise may not have.

 – Concept

In terms of the concept for the website its very important as this what the student will interact with and see. One idea that could work well is that of a live feed. Having a live feed of students posting means students will get latest deals. A live feed is also very similar to Facebook and Twitter meaning that it feel comfortable and familiar to students.

 – Accessibility

When it comes to accessibility this is a good opportunity to draw on our knowledge of the Bournemouth area. Once again similar to how Facebook started we can make the website just for Bournemouth students. We can make it seem personal to them by having them login with their student ID’s. We will also be able to find the small and large business that have student deals, something a larger scale website wouldn’t be able to offer.

 – Branding

Branding is obviously hugely important as this is how student will recognise us. One approach that we all liked was to merge the brand of SUBU and the Bournemouth website. The blues and pinks used by both will websites will be recognisable to all students as they have all visited SUBU and BU’s website.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 14.40.13 – Competitors

I went online to see if this kind of idea had already been done. In general many websites focus on one aspect, such as travel, homes or just where students can find 10% off. One website that was similar was ‘Save the Student’, on their website they show the lasted deals of certain products. They also have many categories and also a ‘Just Added’ page. The overall idea may be similar but a few ways we will take it further, such as students being able to posts and deals specific to Bournemouth.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 17.23.27



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