Introduction to Programming

During my three years studying Digital Media Design I will encounter new and exciting forms of  designing materials within the media. The first of these being programming. The idea of programming is one that at first filled me with slight trepidation but also the excitement of endless creativity. After just one seminar though my trepidation has been blown aside and my imagination taken to new highs.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.25.58

The concept of programming has many misconception, some of which I thought were true. The idea that a programmer must be good at maths is something that has been linked to programming due to the high level of coding and formulas. It came as a great relief to me that this idea is in fact not true and by no stretch of the imagination. The beauty of programming is that you can simply create a formula or code to work out any mathematic problem, for example ‘int a = 50 + 5; // Sets ‘a’ to 55′. This is great example as it shows how the code adds 50+5 together instead of the programmer having to do so.

 Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.26.06

When being introduced to a new programme within the media the most useful information to gain can be the programmes slang. Two examples of this are IDE (integrated development environment) and variables. An IDE is the actual program itself, in this case being ‘Processing’ and variables are the building blocks of the program. An example of a variable can be seen in the screenshot above. The variable ‘size(600, 300);’ sets the size of the program, 600 being the width and 300 being the height. Adding multiple variables like size and background will result in the overall finish of the program.

Overall I am very excited about expanding my knowledge of programming and looking for to using my imagination and creativity to create professional standard products.