After Effects

After Effects – Workshop 3

With the harsh reality of winter settling in, it seemed fitting to have our workshop this week focus around snow. The workshop would give us two new abilities, the first being to move the camera angles within the frame and the second to add 3D effects.With the combination of these two techniques, we were expected to created a short video of a snowy still image.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 10.17.07This project proved to be very useful in adding 3D effects into our animation, something I hadn’t done before. As we learnt in the workshop it’s not just about adding the effects, it making them look realistic. Certain aspects such as increasing the birth rate or changing the depth all had a final impact that enhanced the animation. The depth for instance, impacted on how close the snow flakes were to the frame. The variation of close up flakes and far away flake only improved the realism.

Overall I feel this workshop was very beneficial for me. Looking into the future and projects to come, I know the skills gained in this workshop will be used and used to my advantage.


After Effects – Green Screen

In today’s workshop we once again worked with the adobe software, After effects. In this session we were given the tools to create a short green screen sequence, with ourselves involved.

The first step in creating this sequence was to capture a short video in photo booth with a piece of green card in the background. This video simply had to focus around ourselves, unlike examples given in the workshop, I decided to add more movement in the video in the way of me running. I felt this produced a more interesting sequence than just sitting in front of the camera. The next step was to import the video into After Effects and replace the green screen with an image. As I was running, I decided to place an image of a treadmill in the background. As there was plenty of space left on the canvas we were instructed to create a short piece of kinetic typography. Trying to add a comedic level to my green screen, I decided to link my typography with the famous speech in Forest Gump.

Overall, with the small level of experience in green screens I feel I was able to create a very effective and slightly comedic sequence.

Afters Effects Workshop – Kinetic Typography

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 15.30.40Today’s workshop was all very new to me in two ways, the first being Adobe After Effects and the second being Kinetic Typography. With a project set the day before to produce a twenty-second sequence involving kinetic typography, this workshop would prove very useful when undergoing this project. The first step to take in After Effects is make a composition, this being the canvas that our text will display on. The next step was to insert the text, one important part to this was to have each word in a separate layer, hereby being able to animate each word. With the text inserted it came down to the creative side of things, being able to display each word in a separate way. In After Effects there are effects such as position, opacity, scale and also the 3D effect were you manipulate the X and Y coordinates of the words. This workshop really gave us the ability to experiment with each affect and see what worked and what didn’t. The workshop gave us further pointers such as easy ease and motion blur, both these helping display each word in a smoother fashion, as a result creating a more professional sequence.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 16.04.42