Design for Digital Media Environments – Website Complete

Below are some screenshots of the final website. The brief outlines that we must create a web app that targets a specific audiences need. It should also be able to connect to a database which as a result would enable users to register, login and post on the site.

From these requirements me, Adam and Robin created Student Offers for Bournemouth University (SOBU). A site where students from BU could posts the best deals and offers all over Bournemouth. I feel this idea is very strong as it meets this audiences need directly.

In my group was Adam and Robin, I feel that together we worked very well. As a team our communication was professional, being there for one another at all times for instance. We also had very good attendance and work ethic which meant we could consistently do work as team and never fall behind schedule.

Being the first time we have all created a website I think what we have produced is of very high standard. I also think there are a few things we could have done differently. The main point being how we could of all done more on the PHP side of the project. We may have met the brief in the way of users being able to register, login and post but there is far more we could have done, for example a time on the post showing when the user posted the item. This sort of code is what I feel we are missing as sites like Twitter and Facebook have this aspect.

Overall I am very satisfied with how the website and the unit has turn out. I feel we have met the brief successfully and created a website that both works front end and back-end.


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