Design for Digital Media Environments – Coding Progress

Today I have been making adjustments to the overall look and navigation of the website. As I stated in my previous post I was going to organised each category, so for example only food posts will appear in the food category. This makes the website more organised and user-friendly as they can find what they’re looking for far quicker. Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 13.17.39Furthermore we added a ‘Other’ and ‘All’ category. This means that users can now post any items and won’t be restricted to our categories. I also made a few changes to the look of the website, for example the register page and login drop down button have a far similar and professional style. I also made an adjustment to nav bar, in the way of making it fixed. Making it fixed means that when scrolling down the  page the nav bar will follow the scroll and not stay hidden at the top. This makes for a far more user-friendly experience as they can navigate through our site wherever they might be on the page.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 13.18.33Our next step is to redesign the posting form and creating an account page the stores all of users individual posts.


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