Design for Digital Media Environments – Brief

A new semester means a new unit has begun. Similar to previous works I will be posting my findings, inspiration and progress throughout the project. The brief states that we must, “create a “social” Web based application that addresses a specific “problem” of a target audience of your choice”. This may seem relatively simple but nitty-gritty comes from building the website from scratch.

The website will include a database which will store users information so they can post on the website. The framework of the website and database will be made possible through the use of PHP and SQL. The process of producing the website and writing the code will be made easier through the work we’ve been doing with Kyle.

Another important part to this brief will be working in groups. The early part of this project will be untaken individually, while we learn more on the process of making a website. Later in the project we will be put into groups of three were we will produce the website. It will be very important throughout the task that we maintain constant and clear communication. One of the ways in which this will be possible is through Github. Rob introduced us to Github as a great place to store, backup and make collaborative adjustments to each others coding.


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