Development and Realisation – Final Edit

Heading into the final week of this project I can now start to add the finishing touches to my poster. Having decided to carry on with the menu idea it was clear that this was my strongest idea but it just needed some fine tuning.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 11.52.45As is clear in the two images there was still some changes to be made to the poster to get it up to scratch. The major aspect that still had to be achieved was making the donuts look more realistic. Being the focal images in my poster this was extremely important to get correct and there were a few ways in which I did this. The two more simpler visual effects added were the sprinkles and the crumbs, even though small features they do achieve a more aesthetically pleasing flat graphic. The two more prominent features can be seen through the icing and the rough edges to the donuts. The improvement on the icing and the adding of colour creates an individuality between each donut and is the major aspect to knowing its a donut. The rough edges to the donuts finishes it off. It creates a clear separation between just a pie chart with colour and a donut. There were also some final improvements that really added a professional look, such as the fade in the background colour and the Dunkin Donuts logo in the background.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 11.54.35


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