Development and Realisation – Research 3 / Design 2

As discussed in recent post I have been looking at particular data sets, from Europe to the fattest and thinnest countries. In this weeks seminar though I was instructed that I don’t have to use a data set, but possibly pick my own countries. This approach may prove to be very useful as I keep finding issue with certain other data sets.

Just as with the European data set I have found an issue with the fattest and thinnest countries data set. As shown in the design below the concept works of having the size differential, but its the countries used that don’t link with the theme of donuts. Countries such Cook Islands and Palau have no correlation with donuts, which are known more within the western world. Furthermore these types of countries aren’t the most well-known, hereby finding it harder for any audience to connect to the statistic.
2014-12-07 14.01.46It was from this that I decided to pick my own countries. I’ve picked 15 countries for now but may narrow this down when it comes to the design stage. Using this approach achieves best of both worlds, a variety in percentages and well-known, relatable countries.

2014-12-07 14.01.09


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