Development and Realisation – Design Plans 3

Heading towards the Christmas break its time to start deciding of some solid designs that could be used in the final piece. From research and inspiration found I feel there’s a couple of designs that I can work on during the coming week.

One of the most effective inspiration was the image below. I feel the shelves within the viewing glass could be a great way of integrating the donuts onto the poster. This style is further useful in how audiences will immediately engage with the donut style. It can also be effective in how the shelves fill the whole page, leaving no empty white space and therefore giving more for the audience to look at.

Donut Glass shelves

2014-12-07 19.25.29My most favourite design can be seen in the sketch below. One of the more effective aspects to this piece is its simplicity. With the use of the flags and larger donuts, the poster topic can be understood quickly. There is also a progression from the left to right showing the increase in the donut size. This left to right increase has a simple effect of making the difference between the donuts even bigger. If an audience were to see this at quick glance, they would immediately think the USA is massively fatter than France.

2014-12-07 19.27.48

Food Infographic 16Another idea that has real potential is that of using a layout similar to a menu. One of the main advantages being that if I were to use to a layout such as the image below, then the poster itself will becoming instantly recognisable. Using the fast food of donuts and also their menu layout will create a very strong theme. This strong theme will therefore lend itself very well to my idea of having the poster inserted within packaging. The layout of menus further carry an advantage of having a clear structure. Through the use of the lines dividing up the page it creates a very easy to understand image.


Dunkin Donuts Latest - Menu 2012There are also a couple of other ideas that I haven’t looked fully into. The first involving the use of the Lard Lad donut man holding up the globe. From the globe you would then zoom into certain countries and see their percentage portrayed through a donut, similar to other designs. My second idea uses the classic donut boxes well-known from Dunkin Donuts. The most appropriate part of this idea being how it links directly into my theme of Dunkin Donuts.




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