Development and Realisation – Design Plans

With my poster topic decided on I can now start to really focus on some design plans. As discussed in my last few blogs I am focusing my graphics and style around donuts. Talking with my seminar leader, she seemed to think this was a strong idea with a lot of potential. As a result of this, I decided to look further into the idea and how it might look when made into a flat graphic.

As is displayed in the image below, I will be able to portray many types of donut through flat graphics, something that I will try as it adds more interest in the poster. Further more I will be able to play around with my colour plat through the use of the frosting on the donut.

Donut flat graphic types

IMG_0433My next step was to start designing my own donuts, the advantages of this being that I will be able to link them to the obesity topic. As you can see in the image above, it was a case of doing simple sketches that I might be able to take further. This was particularly useful as I found out what will work best.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 10.33.20The natural progression within pre-production made me begin my donut design within Illustrator. The advantage of this is seeing my ideas and plans come to life. As an idea I wasn’t one hundred percent fixed on having the flag as the frosting, but now seeing it I realise it’s a really simple but effective way of portraying each country.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 11.00.20I have also used this example to show my idea of the thinnest countries within the fattest countries. I feel this could possibly be a great way of displayed the huge difference in the percentages between the fattest and thinnest countries. As my seminar leader discussed, it adds the effect of making the fatter donut even larger and thinner donut even smaller. It is also worth adding that these first drafts will be more defined in the future, being new to Illustrator and vectors I’m still find it hard to produce professional looking objects. Other aspects may be added to my flat graphics to make it look more realistic, such as sugar or a glaze.

I also started doing an early draft of the overall design of the poster. When sitting down with my seminar leader this proved to be useful as we could rule out aspects that wont work. Aspects such as the ‘stop obesity’ title come across as to literal, in replace could possibly be ‘don’t donut’.
IMG_0432Throughout this process I am always looking at examples that may give me inspirations towards my poster. In our seminar we looked at colour pallets, the infographic below being a great example of possible colours that I may use. The more appropriate aspects to these colours is how they link to colour scheme found in Dunkin Donuts. When people see these colours they will automatically be drawn to the poster as they recognise the colours.

Donut IG 1

dunkin donuts color palette



Image Source:





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