Development and Realisation – Research 2

Approaching week two of our poster it was time to start deciding on a solid data set and looking further into design possibilities. As I discussed last week, I was struggling to narrow down a data set. It was only until talking with our seminar leader that she brought up the idea of focusing my data set around the fattest and thinnest countries. The advantages of using this data set is the variety in the percentages, ranging from 70% to 1%. I also looked into using the American States as a data set, but this encounter two main problems. Similar to the EU, Americas percentages were very narrow, meaning no clear difference could be shown through the graphics. Secondly focusing on America would result in straying away from the brief, which pacifically stated to use countries.   2014-11-26 20.38.54From research and ideas made last week I knew I wanted to include fast food products within the statistics. From this I came up with a few ideas that would possibly work best, these being fries and donuts. Fries as a graphic can work really well within statistics, especially when displayed in graph format. I would also have the advantage of choosing different types of fries, from crinkle cut, skinny and curly. The biggest issue I found with fries is how to design the poster, in my mind I can’t seem to create a style, a problem I don’t seem to have when using a donut graphic. In my mind I already have a few design ideas that I will be able to move forward on, I will soon show these on upcoming posts. The aspects of donuts is one that I can take further, for example creating a theme similar to Dunkin Donuts.

2014-11-26 20.39.14

2014-11-26 20.39.30Our seminar leader also made me realise how our poster will have to target a certain audience and market. Through the theme of Dunkin Donuts it will be very easy to target a young American audience. The bright colours and bold letters all lend themselves to attracting a younger person. In terms of markets not matter what theme I end up choosing it will defiantly be fast food. When thinking about integrating it into the market I don’t just want it stuck up on a wall, it needs to be at the centre of attention. The best way I figured of doing this was to have the infographic within the packaging. Similar to the ‘Smoking Kills’ campaign on cigarette packs, it will be unmissable.

2014-11-26 15.20.01


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