Development and Realisation – Research 1

With my subject for the poster decided on, it is now time to start researching statistical data about obesity. To gather my statistics I used the website ‘The World Factbook’, which included the percentages of every country in the world. With over 190 countries I soon realised I had to narrow my field of view, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to include other aspects in my poster such as child obesity. I hereby decided to focus around obesity in the EU, meaning I would only have to include around thirty countries. As shown in the image below, when gathering all the percentages there is a lack of variety. Having the statistics of each country so similar means that whatever graphics I use they wont stand out. With all this in mind I need to go away and do more research in what countries I will include, preferably I will try to find a way to include America. One idea in mind is to use the individual American states or the English counties.

IMG_0421One of the big things I wish to do in my poster is to integrate the use of food with the statistics. As shown in the two images below I feel this is how it will be best done. By taking this approach there will be an easy to understand link between the images and the text. This is a good start into my image research but a lot more can be done such chocolate, sweets and the use of fat stick men.


obesity IG 2


Image Source:



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