After Effects – Workshop 3

With the harsh reality of winter settling in, it seemed fitting to have our workshop this week focus around snow. The workshop would give us two new abilities, the first being to move the camera angles within the frame and the second to add 3D effects.With the combination of these two techniques, we were expected to created a short video of a snowy still image.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 10.17.07This project proved to be very useful in adding 3D effects into our animation, something I hadn’t done before. As we learnt in the workshop it’s not just about adding the effects, it making them look realistic. Certain aspects such as increasing the birth rate or changing the depth all had a final impact that enhanced the animation. The depth for instance, impacted on how close the snow flakes were to the frame. The variation of close up flakes and far away flake only improved the realism.

Overall I feel this workshop was very beneficial for me. Looking into the future and projects to come, I know the skills gained in this workshop will be used and used to my advantage.


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