After Effects – Green Screen

In today’s workshop we once again worked with the adobe software, After effects. In this session we were given the tools to create a short green screen sequence, with ourselves involved.

The first step in creating this sequence was to capture a short video in photo booth with a piece of green card in the background. This video simply had to focus around ourselves, unlike examples given in the workshop, I decided to add more movement in the video in the way of me running. I felt this produced a more interesting sequence than just sitting in front of the camera. The next step was to import the video into After Effects and replace the green screen with an image. As I was running, I decided to place an image of a treadmill in the background. As there was plenty of space left on the canvas we were instructed to create a short piece of kinetic typography. Trying to add a comedic level to my green screen, I decided to link my typography with the famous speech in Forest Gump.

Overall, with the small level of experience in green screens I feel I was able to create a very effective and slightly comedic sequence.


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